Saint-Simon Heritage and Cultural Interpretation Centre

The Saint-Simon Heritage and Cultural Interpretation Centre (Centre d'interprétation du patrimoine et de la culture de Saint-Simon), managed by Les Épaves de la baie de Saint-Simon, houses an exhibit on a French officer and captain, artifacts from shipwrecks in Nova Scotia, 300-million-years-old fossils found in the Caraquet area, an impressive collection of antique Limoges porcelain, an art gallery and a gift shop. 

At the centre’s China exhibition, unique in Canada, visitors will marvel at the beautiful Limoges porcelain pieces hand-painted by talented artists on various themes like birds, fruits, fish and people. 

The exhibition on captain de Saint-Simon relates the story of Antoine Charles-Denys de Saint-Simon, officer of the French Marine during the Seven Years’ War between France and Britain. After being chased by the British troops in the fall of 1760, the captain scuttled his own boat in Saint-Simon Bay and spent the winter ashore with his crew of 47 men. This story marks the last chapter of the long struggle over the ownership of the Acadian territory. 

Visitors will discover interesting facts on the Acadian resistance. Visitors will be pleasantly suprised with the wealth of talent found in the art gallery and shop, which display the work of local artists. Make sure to taste the « Saint-Simon » oysters, grown in the bay.