Eel River Bar (Ugpi’ganjig) First Nation Powwow

The Eel River Bar Powwow is the First Nation way of celebrating our culture and preserving our rich heritage. It is a time to come together to join in singing and dancing, to visit with others, renew old friends, make new ones, and to admire or purchase the trade arts and crafts on display.

It is a time to thank the Creator and honour our veterans. The powwow has social, historical and spiritual significance to First Nation’s people. Singers and dancers are important figures in this culture, and the songs are of many varieties and hold a special meaning. Most dancers seen at the powwow are social dancers which might have had different meaning in earlier days.

The powwow is an important vehicle for handing down First Nation’s traditions from one generation to the next. It is also an excellent opportunity for all people to participate in a vibrant and vital aspect of aboriginal heritage.