Stone hammer Geopark, New Brunswick Canada

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A Billion Years of Stories

With a landscape created by the collision of continents, oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes and ice ages, the Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geoparkincludes geological stories from late Precambrian time a billion years ago to the most recent Ice Age, and almost everything in between. For you, it means a natural playground has been created and there are amazing hands-on ways to experience our geological history in every corner. Because it’s BIG, and you don’t want to miss a thing…our guides are standing by to give you the insider tips on how best to witness where South America and Africa collided at Reversing Rapids, zip over the rapids, climb volcanic rocks in Rockwood Park, dine from a geologically inspired menu, paddle an Ice Age River to Stromatolites and much more!

This great experience is offered at Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark

1 Market Sq. (New Brunswick Museum)
Saint John


Rates: $5 - $75
Reservations required: No
Experience available in: English, French