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Bear with us

Join our safari in search of one of North America’s most common wild animals – the Black bear. There are few safe or easy places to meet these forest giants, but Little, Big Bear Safari takes you deep into their natural habitat. You’ll meet the 'Bear Man,' an experienced guide who engages with the bears, helps you interpret the sounds and calls the bears use to communicate and warn of possible danger. It's a chance to see these intriguing creatures in the wild, all from the safe vantage point of an observation tower 8 m (26 ft.) above ground. Children take home a bear-themed colouring book and you take home spectacular photos.

This great experience is offered at Little, Big Bear Safari

4120 Route 480
2018-05-15 - 2018-10-07


Rates: $15 - $46
1 safari per day); call ahead for departure times
Duration: 2 Hours
Reservations required: Yes
Experience available in: English, French