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Behind the Scenes at the Aquarium

With their antics and acrobatics, who could say no to a private viewing of some adorable harbour seals? But this is only one of the perks you’ll get on your behind-the-scenes guided tour of the aquarium. You’ll also learn all about the research being done by the aquarium as you meet-n-greet-n-feed some of the backstage animals and observe some strange preserved fish specimens. In the lab, you’ll have a chance to examine some plankton under a microscope that’s straight out of the Bay of Fundy just outside the door. Your tour will even include an explanation of how the water systems work to keep the animals healthy and happy. This highly interactive and tactile tour will give you a real appreciation for what it takes to operate the aquarium. 

This great experience is offered at Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium

1 Lower Campus Rd.
Saint Andrews


Rates: $8.70
Duration: 1 Hour
Reservations required: No
Experience available in: English