Florenceville-Bristol Outdoor Summer Market, New Brunswick Canada

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Farm-Fresh Fun at the Market

Join us in the ‘French Fry Capital of the World’ as you take in all the sights and delicious aromas found at the Florenceville-Bristol Outdoor Summer Market, from farm-fresh produce to local meats, grains and homemade goods. Learn from some of the market’s most creative artisans as they showcase their craft with watch-and-learn demonstrations or hands-on activities. Depending on the day, you may find yourself learning about basket weaving, leather work, fly-tying, garden art or horticulture. Enrich your discoveries with a stroll through the market to chat with local farmers, artists and food producers to gain special insight into the culture of a farming community. Of course, your visit wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the famous golden-delicious homemade fries, included in your experience. But watch out – betcha can’t have just one!

This great experience is offered at Florenceville-Bristol Outdoor Summer Market

9173 Main St.


Rates: Free
June to September Thursdays at 10 a.m.
Reservations required: No