Fundy National Park - Alma, New Brunswick Canada

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Incredible Edible & Medicinal Forest

Join us to discover the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of a landscape shaped by the Bay of Fundy. A park interpreter will help you discover many edible and medicinal plants found within the forests of the Fundy coast, including Meadow Sweet, Red Clover, and some of the lesser-known edibles like High Bush Cranberry and Gooseberry. This type of adventure works up an appetite and fortunately for you, the interpreter has packed a snack! Enjoy a sampling of the species you’ve discovered along the hike without removing these special plants from their natural environment. Immerse yourself in nature as you discover the bounty of the forest and learn some traditional knowledge about medicinal plants in Fundy National Park.

This great experience is offered at Fundy National Park

8642 Route 114
Fundy National Park


Rates: $4.90
Weekly from July 1 to August 31
Reservations required: Yes
Experience available in: English, French