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Paddles and Eagles

With eagles soaring overhead and the backcountry surrounding you, dip your paddle into the waters of the stunning Nepisiguit River for a half-day adventure that immerses you in tranquility. You’ll travel down the ancient route used by the Mi’kmaq people for over ten thousand years who, in recent history, taught our ancestors how to survive this beautiful yet non-forgiving landscape. Your friendly guides will share the stories, myths, and lore of the river before stopping to prepare a meal on the unique pink granite rocks that have been exposed over millennia by natural erosion. You’ll also have the chance to take a refreshing swim in one of the world-famous salmon pools. Finally, at the Falls Portage you’ll stop at the magnificent Pabineau Falls. Transportation, equipment and meals are included.

This great experience is offered at Nepisiguit Adventures

86 Douglas Ave.


Rates: $95
From dawn to dusk, on request
Duration: 5 Hours
Reservations required: Yes
Experience available in: English, French