Magnetic Hill Zoo, Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

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Zookeeper for a Week

Get a rare, behind the scenes look into the world of real life zookeeping at our Keeper Camp. Your teens will love to spend the week staring into the faces of our furry friends with their leader from the zoo’s education department. They’ll shadow the animal care staff and even assist with cleaning, feeding and caring for the animals. Keeper training is extensive; proper animal handling techniques, animal enrichment and husbandry, endangered species and conservation, are all a part of the lesson plan. Now, this isn’t exactly just “monkey business”. Only five future zoo keepers are admitted to the program a week. Participants need a pair of steel-toed boots. Most essential is to come prepared for an amazing week!

This great experience is offered at Magnetic Hill Zoo

125 Magic Mountain Rd.


Rates: $175 - $245
Monday to Friday
Reservations required: Yes
Experience available in: English, French