FestiVin, a wine and culinary happening!

This celebration of wine and gourmet food, located in the beautiful town of Caraquet, kicks off the summer tourist season in the Acadian Peninsula.

The week is chock-full of activities, and wines from various regions of France, Canada, California, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and Spain are showcased.

FestiVin will appeal to both the general public and wine experts. Its programming, designed for all levels of expertise, will allow you to gain a better knowledge and appreciation for the savours of wine and seafood. Seminars and wine tasting sessions are offered in various restaurants around the area.

Other activities nicely complement the main focus of the event. Try your hand at picking and preserving wild mushrooms and edible plants, or partake in a tasting of imported and micro-brewery beers. FestiVin also offers a great opportunity to discover terroir products and delicious local seafood.

For those ‘lively’ music lovers, a joyous concert brings FestiVin to a festive end.

Discover the charms of the Acadian Peninsula and the renowned hospitality of its people as you indulge in festival activities.