Festival Western de Saint-Quentin

The Festival Western of Saint-Quentin is one of the largest of its kind in eastern Canada and the only one in the Maritime provinces to feature a professional rodeo. Other popular events are the Miss Atlantic Cowgirl pageant, country and western shows, a saloon, parade and many family activities such as the “Pow Pow."

The festival’s main attraction is the professional rodeo, and cowboys and cowgirls from all over Canada are welcome to participate, providing a remarkably high-quality show! Over the span of two days, cowboys and cowgirls ride wild bulls and horses in front of the stands, which can now seat more than 4,000 spectators!

Every year, thousands of people attend this event. Come visit us at the Festival Western de Saint-Quentin, and enjoy the music or admire the agility of the rodeo participants. It’s sure to be loads of fun for the whole family!