Giant Pumpkin Provincial Festival

This festival originated from a Neguac citizen who became a follower of giant pumpkin growing in the early nineties. It was in 1995 that Camille Breau initiated the first official weigh off with three participants and about twenty spectators.

For the first three years, mister Breau and his wife Monique looked after the organization of the competitions but had to obtain the use of the Neguac Sportplex arena to accommodate the ever growing number of participants and spectators. In 1998 they joined forces with the Club Richelieu Féminin of Neguac, (a non-profit organization), to help uphold the activity. By this time, the festival had become known provincially.

Associated with the Neguac Golden Age Club and the municipality of Neguac, the festival attracts a crowd estimated to be over 1,500 spectators from around the province and abroad. Many prizes are given out for totals exceeding $2,500. Held on the last Sunday of September of each year.

At the 2014 weigh off a new all time record of 1,468lbs. was set by M. Edmund Hemphill of Mount Pleasant New Brunswick!

The Neguac Festival is a member of the internationally renowned GPC (Great Pumpkin Commonwealth) organization.

If you love competition, comradeship and a good time, the Neguac Giant Pumpkin Provincial Festival is the place for you!