Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick


The Legislative Assembly has been the seat of government in New Brunswick since 1882. This stone building, created in the "Second Empire" style, with a magnificent dome, reaches up 43 m (140 ft.).

The main entrance leads you into a portrait gallery of former Lieutenant-Governors. Beyond that is a beautiful self-supporting spiral staircase. The Assembly Chamber reflects the taste of the late Victorians. The oriental-style carpet, in traditional green, was commissioned in England. The chandelier is made of brass with some Waterford crystals. One of the most impressive elements inside the Assembly Chamber is the Throne, or Speaker's chair. It's set on a dais under a canopy bearing a carving of the Royal Coat of Arms.

Tours are available; however, interpretation of the Chamber is not permitted when the legislature is in session.

The Legislative Library contains approximately 50,000 books, and has an excellent collection of New Brunswick materials.

The Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick is an attraction in the provincial capital.