St. James Church Textile Museum


This graceful wooden structure, a church built in 1884, is home to turn-of-the-century blacksmiths' tools, a working foot lathe, other carpenters' tools, and unique hand tools once used to make hay and thrash wheat.

The collection is known as the Beachkirk Collection and was assembled by Pam Black, a local artisan who had a weaving studio in a church near the beach at Upper Cape. The collection features an insightful look into the making of textiles in the late 1800s.

Exhibits cover all the processes and equipment used in making fabrics, from cutting the flax to producing the linen, and from shearing the sheep to carding, spinning and weaving the wool on antique looms.

Demonstrations on carding, spinning and weaving on the antique looms are another popular feature at this museum. Try your hand at spinning and weaving and take home your spun wool or cloth. Check the museum's website or Facebook page for special events, exhibits or workshops.