The New Brunswick Botanical Garden

The New Brunswick Botanical Garden – 20 years of blooms!  

This year, the ravishing beauty of the garden will enchant visitors for a 20th season. The New Brunswick Botanical Garden includes 11 thematic gardens and 2 arboretums on more than 8 ha (20 acres) of land along the Madawaska River. Luxurious vegetation and impressive mosaicultures makes for a truly peaceful oasis ideal for indulging the senses. 

To enhance your sensory experience, visit the medicinal and aromatic plant garden to see more than 100 species of therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary plants. The herbalist’s shop, resembling an apothecary, houses a kitchen for processing herbs and demonstration dryers that exude subtle fragrances. Throughout the season, guided tours as well as gardening and horticulture workshops are offered by reservation, some of them by a passionate herbalist. 

Discover our unique celestial garden, a contemporary stone circle where Earth, humans and space come together in a creation and exploration dimension. Linked to astronomical observation sites from every continent, Khronos, an interpretation site exploring time and space, is a laboratory, observatory, compass and place to contemplate and disseminate artistic beauty. A range of artistic activities awaits you at this one-of-a kind experience. 

The Butterflies of the World exhibit is another site for the senses… admire hundreds of butterflies fluttering about amongst a splendid decor of tropical plants, located in the visitor centre. 

Many cultural and artistic activities are planned throughout the season. Enjoy multimedia and popular movie shows, painting and photography workshops, wood sculpting demonstrations, concerts from local and other artists and the famous fall festival Grande Grouille, where thousands of pumpkins light up the garden’s paths. 

Round out your experience with a healthy meal at the very popular Café Flora and a glass of wine on the patio overlooking the falls. A gift shop and exhibition centre are also located on site.