Village of Cap-Pelé

With tall sea grass swaying gently across long sandy beaches, the laughter of children playing, and the brightly painted fishing boats bobbing alongside the wooden wharves, Cap-Pelé paints a picture seaside postcard of a colourful Acadian village.

But there’s one thing Cap-Pelé has that no other village in the world can boast: It is North America’s largest exporter of smoked herring, producing some of the most scrumptious bloaters on the continent. If you don’t believe it, step inside a smokehouse and taste for yourself! Of course, being this close to the sea, herring is not all that’s on the menu. Savour the flavour of fresh, juicy scallops or steamed lobster.

After sampling some of the local cuisine such as “poutine râpée” or pastries like “poutine à trou,” you might want to soak up the sun on Aboiteau Beach. At night, the sands sparkle with celebrations, music and cultural extravaganzas. After sampling seaside accommodations, you may wish to take a day trip to the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, just minutes from the famous Confederation Bridge. Listen to the Acadian lilt as you chat with Cap-Pelé folks residents.

A visit to the Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila Church, built in the shape of a boat, with some of the largest stained-glass windows in the Maritimes, reconnects you with the village’s 200-year spiritual and cultural history. And the statue of the angel that watches over the fishermen reminds you that, in some corners of the world, Heaven seems a little closer.