Celebrate the Acadian Culture

The Acadian people are naturally welcoming and love joyous celebrations. These descendents of the original French settlers have called this area home since the 1600s. 

To really see their culture come to life, visit Village Historique Acadien and Le Pays de la Sagouine, or get a hands-on history lesson at Monument-Lefebvre National Historic Site. Don't forget to party at the Foire Brayonne, in Edmundston.

To really feel the heart of L’Acadie, plan to celebrate their national holiday on August 15at a “Tintamarre”, where thousands take to the street in a parade of song, dance and noisemaking.

Acadian Isles, New Brunswick, Canada

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Poised on the tip of the Acadian peninsula and accessible by causeway, these islands have it all!

Lamèque Island – The ultimate stop if you’re looking for the wind-swept exhilaration of kitesurfing and some of the best beaches around. A visit to the Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula is a must while you’re here.

Miscou Island – If you're searching for roads less travelled, you're on the right path. You'll find wind-swept beaches, a unique lighthouse and a blaze of peat bogs that turn fiery red every autumn.

Experience Acadie, New Brunswick, Canada

Celebrate the Acadian Way of Life

Discover the culture of a people whose way of life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.  Party with the locals at Festival acadien de Caraquet and on the Acadian Holiday, August 15th , join the noisy parade known as a “Tintamarre”. 

Step into history at Village Historique Acadien and meet the characters of a magical storybook land at Le Pays de la Sagouine. Experience Acadian hospitality on a culinary cruise where you’ll learn how to catch, cook and eat delicious lobster. 

 It won’t take long before you to feel like one of us!


Discover Acadian Joie de Vivre

The Acadians’ love for life is infectious – come for a visit and you’ll find yourself welcomed with open arms into the festivals, gatherings, and homes of L’Acadie. 

From the Acadian Peninsula to the Acadia of the Southeast, the Acadian lifestyle has been shaped by the sea, and a blissful backdrop of coastal islands, lighthouses and seaside cottages provides an idyllic setting for a beach vacation enriched with culture. 

To sample a different type of Acadian lifestyle, travel into the hearty woods and farming lands of northwestern New Brunswick. Here you’ll meet the Brayons, whose distinct language, cuisine and way of life can be experienced throughout the legendary Republic of Madawaska.

Heart of AcadieRich history, strong pride

A drive along the scenic routes of New Brunswick’s Acadian coast will immerse you in vibrant communities and a rich cultural scene. 

Museums, historic sites and living-history villages bring the Acadians’ remarkable 400-year-history to life, while restaurants and galleries provide a distinctively modern connection to the past. If you're here on August 15, be sure to participate in National Acadian Day festivities where the culture, colour, and joyful spirit of Acadie is celebrated with food, festivities, and parades. In 2019, don't miss the festivities in southeastern New Brunswick during the world's largest Acadian gathering.

We welcome you to share their story and experience their history. 

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Pascal Lejeune
Acadian Bon Vivant

“The recipe for a good time is a good beer, piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion, and a lot of people enjoying themselves with different kinds of music.”

Get a Real Taste of Acadie

What pairs well with a visit to the Acadian Peninsula? Fresh seafood, good beer, fantastic festivals, and live music according to local musician and bistro bar co-owner Pascal Lejeune. “When you come to Caraquet, make sure to bring your toothbrush because there’s a chance you’ll want to stay. Acadian culture is very proud but it’s also very open and inviting.”

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