Experience Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Experience the Bay of Fundy Tides

The Bay of Fundy tides are the highest tides in the world, with 160 billion tonnes of seawater gushing in and out of the bay twice a day. 

The power of the tides is most evident at The Hopewell Rocks. At low tide you can walk the ocean floor and look up at the cliffs and rocks. At high tide, enormous rock formations that once towered over you are now barely peeking out above the surface. 

 The time span between low and high tide is 6 hours and 13 minutes, meaning you can experience both in one day. Check the tide schedules before you go!

Experience Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Go Island Hopping

Map out your ferry route to wave-swept shores and truly quintessential Maritime moments. 

Campobello Island – Depart for a whale-watching excursion or visit the heritage cottage at Roosevelt Campobello International Park. 

Grand Manan Island – Take the 90-minute ferry trip to discover rugged cliffs and shorelines teeming with birds and marine life. Enjoy some of the finest whale-watching in the area. 

Deer Island – A naturalist haven. Beautiful coastal vistas, beaches, sea kayaking, camping, hiking, cycling, boat tours and diving.

Whale watching, New Brunswick, Canada

Face time with the whales

We think the best whale-watching is right here in New Brunswick. Families and friends can sail the ocean on safe vessels guided by experts who know just what to look for. The Bay of Fundy whales include finbacks, humpbacks, playful minkes and the rare right whale. You can also spot porpoises, seals and seabirds on your high seas adventure. 

Simply choose how you want to get out in to the playground where these majestic creatures live. Our whale-watchers have plenty of options including a sail boat, catamaran, cruiser and speedy zodiac!

Bay of Fundy


Few places on Earth are as awe-inspiring as New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy. A visit to this special place will reward you with magnificent tides, breathtaking coastlines, and endless adventure. The Bay of Fundy tides are best explored at The Hopewell Rocks, where you can walk around the famous “flowerpot rocks” at low tide then watch them slowly disappear. Bike along the Fundy Trail, rappel down craggy cliffs at Cape Enrage, set up camp at Fundy National Park or head out to sea on a whale-watching excursion. Plan your Bay of Fundy getaway today!
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THE LAND & THE SEAA True Coastal Experience

Miles of untouched coastline are just waiting to be discovered along New Brunswick’s spectacular Fundy coast. 

For a true coastal experience, spend a day island-hopping around the Fundy Isles. You can even make it a Two Nation Vacation with our friendly neighbours in Maine. 

Go beachcombing at New River Beach Provincial Park or experience a billion years of Earth’s history at Stonehammer Geopark, North America's first UNESCO supported geopark.

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Brian McLachlan
Islander at Heart

You can live your whole lifetime and you’d be lucky if you come across enough friends to count them on one hand. My dad always said you’d be a rich man if you fill one hand. Here, I’ve filled up my hand two or three times.

An Island Way of Life

The attraction to Grand Manan Island is inexplicable –your pace slows immediately and once you get, “the island feeling”, you’ll never want to leave. Brian has proudly called it home since he arrived for a whale watching excursion 15 years ago.

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