St. John River, New Brunswick, Canada

A River of Great Beauty

There are many reasons to make the Saint John River your next scenic drive. Just for starters, it has the prestigious designation of being the 38th waterway named to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System.

It’s surrounded by lush green rolling hills of farmland and is perfect for swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing and even water-skiing.

Plan to take in each of 400 km (250 mi.) of water, stretching from Edmundston in the north to the Reversing Rapids in the south. You won’t regret visiting the Saint John River and all it offers. We promise.


World Famous Fly-Fishing

The Miramichi River is the ideal place to go salmon fishing and fly-fishing. Guides can take you to private pools where you’ll spend the day in a beautiful setting, doing what you love: fishing. A variety of cottages, cabins and lodges mean it’s easy to find the right comfy accommodation.

If you prefer, pitch a tent, as fishing and camping naturally go together. For active nature lovers, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, paddle boarding and spotting wildlife are also an option along the mighty river.


Paddle Pristine Waters

The locals like to call it “running the Restigouche” and for good reason. The Restigouche River, a Canadian Heritage River, is a canoeist and salmon angler’s paradise. 

Running through the heart of the Appalachian Range, the Restigouche, Kedgwick and Upsalquitch rivers are your best chance to connect with nature, stop for a refreshing swim and take in miles of green trees.

If you’re looking to explore all the area has to offer, hike to the highest peak in the Maritimes at Mount Carleton or go mountain biking at Sugarloaf Provincial Park.


Discover Our River Experiences

Rivers run in every direction in New Brunswick, creating everything from gently swirling currents to rapidly rushing whitewater. 

Watch the transformation of the Saint John River from serene to powerful when it collides with the Bay of Fundy at Reversing Rapids. The Miramichi River, famous for fly-fishing and spectacular scenery, is perfect for paddle boarding or tubing lazily on a family vacation. 

The Restigouche, Kedgwick, Tobique and Nepisiguit Rivers are optimal for kayaking and canoeing and if it’s more challenge you’re looking for, the rapids of the St. Croix River will get your heart pumping.

EXPERIENCE OUR RIVERSClear, Fresh and Inspiring

A drive along any one of New Brunswick’s vast network of rivers is guaranteed to be PURE scenic beauty! 

The Saint John River twists and turns from Madawaska to the city of Saint John and the Miramichi is world-famous for salmon fishing. 

The Restigouche, Tobique, Kedgwick and St. Croix are not to be missed because new friends and the great outdoors are waiting for you along every turn.

The Nepisiguit River runs between the Appalachian Mountains and the city of Bathurst, offering northern adventure enriched with cultural and historical elements. 

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NB Insider

Gary Colford
The Ultimate Guide

The river is my addiction. If I get a day off from guiding, I’ll go fishing myself. Biggest one I ever caught was 45 pounds, over in Doaktown. It’s not even really about the fishing, people come here for the love of the river.

River Fanatic

Gary Colford has spent a lifetime on the Miramichi River where being a fishing guide and fishing are his “addiction”, as he says. He aptly describes the special love people who visit feel for the river and how it keeps them coming back to the same spot, year after year.

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