Brilliant Red Sugar Maples on the Appalachian Range Route

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, New Brunswick  Canada

Get the best seat in the house for fall's spectacular show. As part of the Appalachian Mountain Range, this region is blanketed with a thick covering of showy trees with colour as good as it gets. And don't forget this is maple syrup country - nowhere else will you experience colour as vibrantly red as a maple grove in full autumn blaze.

The town of Saint-Quentin is the Maple Capital of Atlantic Canada, so make sure to stop in and pick up a bottle (or two). Fall festivals take place in Campbellton and Kedgwick, where you'll get to celebrate the season in true mountain style - music, dance, shows, rallies, parades and more.

Also notable along this drive are two of our Provincial Parks, Sugarloaf and Mount Carleton, both perfect for outdoor adventurers. Try hiking, camping, biking and canoeing. And at 820 meters (2,690 ft.), Mount Carleton has the highest peak in the Maritimes. Best seat in the house!

3 Tips to Help you Explore the Appalachian Range Route

Restigouche River, New Brunswick  Canada

1. Run the Restigouche River

Some say the beauty along this river can't be matched - especially in autumn. Known for pristine waters and salmon fishing pools, paddling the Restigouche is a fall bucket-list activity. Let the knowledgeable guides at Arpin Canoe Restigouche guide you downriver, then cosy up for the night at nearby Chalets Restigouche.

2. See the City of Campbellton

This Northern city offers a combination of English and French culture nestled in the Appalachians. Make plans to be in town for Campbellton Harvest Festival, and don't miss the sights along the Waterfront Esplanade - including Restigouche Sam, the world's largest salmon. Head to Dalhousie for stunning views of Chaleur Bay and a visit to Inch Arran Lighthouse.

Mount Sugarloaf in the fall, Tourism New Brunswick Canada

Moose in New Brunswick, Canada

3. go Wildlife Viewing

With a wooded area this large, you never know what animals might be roaming the forest. Mount Carleton Provincial Park is home to more wild animal species than any other part of the province, with at least 100 different types of birds and 30 species of mammals residing within its protected lands. A visit to Sugarloaf Provincial Park will also reward you with wildlife viewing - keep your eye out for moose!