The  Hopewell Rocks

“It’s really great to show off our beautiful locations across the province and also the incredibly talented dancers, musicians and video technicians we have here.”
- Adam Lordon, Director

Eldiyar Daniyarov
Eldiyar Daniyarov

Eldiyar Daniyarov trained at the esteemed Kazakh National Academy of Arts and was principal dancer with the National Academic Ballet of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Center of Contemporary Dance, and the Crown of Russian Ballet Moscow, before dancing as a soloist with St. Petersburg’s prestigious Eifman Ballet. He joined Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada in 2012.

Les Improbables
Les Improbables

Les Improbables are a staple of the Moncton jazz music scene. For years, Les Improbables have been playing at different venues across the hub city every week. They've earned a well-deserved reputation for the creative improvisation of their original material, in addition to their interpretation of jazz classics.

The Hopewell Rocks
The Hopewell Rocks
Hopewell Cape

The Hopewell Rocks is one of New Brunswick’s top attractions. Walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the majestic flowerpot rocks, unique formations carved by erosion over thousands of years. Time and tide have carved from the cliffs and coves distinctive sandstone formations topped with trees. During periods of low tide, you can walk 2 km of beach and explore several coves.

A walk on the ocean floor
Fundy National Park
Rising Tide Festival
Broadleaf Guest Ranch

Points of Interest

No trip to The Hopewell Rocks is complete without a walk on the ocean floor to admire the towering flowerpot rocks up close. At nearby Fundy National Park you can enjoy a smorgasbord of outdoor activities, including the Rising Tide Festival where musicians perform in the park’s outdoor theatre. Saddle up at Broadleaf Guest Ranch and explore the surrounding marshland on horseback.

The Bay of FundyThe World’s Highest Tides

Twice a day, every day, 160-billion tonnes of water rush in and out of the Bay of Fundy, sculpting the Hopewell Rocks into the iconic natural rock formations we see today. From whale-watching to rappelling, kayaking to hiking—there’s a multitude of ways to experience the rugged beauty of the Fundy coast.