Saint  John

“I wanted this episode to remind people that the grittiness of my city in the past was its challenge, but now it's the grit that makes Saint John's heart beat.”
- Greg Hemmings, Hemmings House

Olga Petiteau, Thomas Badrock, Sergiy Diyanov, Mia Byrnes, Yuriko Diyanova
Olga Petiteau, Thomas Badrock, Sergiy Diyanov, Mia Byrnes, Yuriko Diyanova

The Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is an acclaimed creation-based Canadian ballet company with a focus on new works, collaboration, and inventive, creative practices that foster innovation, learning, and dialogue interfacing with the community and the public in new ways. Meet all the artists, and learn more at

Elephant Skeletons
Elephant Skeletons

Elephant Skeletons sounds like a crew of Bohemian Rockers threw a disco dance marathon. Velvety vocoded vocals and kaleidoscopic bursts of circus horns take you on an electro saxy journey. Elephant Skeletons is the soundtrack to the party everyone wishes they knew about, a sound that is cutting-edge-danceable but filled with serious soul.

Uptown Saint John
Uptown Saint John

In the port city of Saint John - the only city on the shores of the Bay of Fundy - history, culinary delights, outdoor adventure, and a vibrant arts and culture scene meet on its historic uptown streets. Lined with preserved red brick and sandstone 19th-century architecture, Saint John has a distinct character with plenty of urban experiences.

Area 506 Festival
Saint John City market
New Brunswick Museum
Reversing Falls Rapids

Points of Interest

The Bay of Fundy’s only city, Saint John has an uptown that’s a blend of history, culture, and the arts. The annual Area 506 Festival transforms the wharf into a venue for music, arts, and goods. Stop by the Saint John City Market, the oldest continuing market in North America, before heading to the New Brunswick Museum. And no trip to the city is complete without seeing the awesome power of the Reversing Falls Rapids.

Saint JohnThe Port City

Canada’s oldest incorporated city, Saint John is a contemporary urban centre that hasn’t lost any of its historic charm. Nestled on the beautiful Bay of Fundy, it’s a stop where the urban and the natural complement each other perfectly with fine restaurants, galleries, and shops within a stone’s throw of the harbour.