The Land & The Sea

A True Coastal Experience

Miles of untouched coastline are just waiting to be discovered along New Brunswick’s spectacular Fundy coast.

For a true coastal experience, spend a day island-hopping around the Fundy Isles. You can even make it a Two Nation Vacation with our friendly neighbours in Maine.

Go beachcombing at New River Beach Provincial Park or experience a billion years of Earth’s history at Stonehammer Geopark, North America's first UNESCO supported geopark.

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NB Insider

Brian McLachlan
Islander at Heart

You can live your whole lifetime and you’d be lucky if you come across enough friends to count them on one hand. My dad always said you’d be a rich man if you fill one hand. Here, I’ve filled up my hand two or three times.

An Island Way of Life

The attraction to Grand Manan Island is inexplicable –your pace slows immediately and once you get, “the island feeling”, you’ll never want to leave. Brian has proudly called it home since he arrived for a whale watching excursion 15 years ago.

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